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Reach and Wash


The reach and wash system is used for the cleaning of windows, solar panels and many other high level surfaces. This is more efficient and has little environmental impact.


This can be used on apartments, flats, schools, houses, offices, retail stores and many more!





We offer window cleaning services that include property, offices, retail stores, nursing homes and many more! We will meet all types of commercial customers requirements.


Along with having the best service possible, our prices are very competitive and we include the window sills in with the quote.



UPVC and Fascias


UPVC and fascia cleaning will make your home exterior look as good as brand new again. Using our special equipment we will clean your fascias and soffit boards.


This service will also help increase the life span and therefore save you money in the long run, as well as improving the appearance of your building.


Gutter Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning includes the inside and outside of the gutter. We will remove the dirt, algae and moss from the gutters and have very good offers for first time customers.


It is important to keep your gutters clean and maintained so that the need of repairs is kept to a minimum. In the long run, having this service will save you a lot of unneeded costs. This stops accumulation of dirt and grime that causes the damage such as corrosion, discolouration and fading.



Conservatory Roofs


After this service has been provided, your roof will be in its clean and tidy state again.  Regular cleaning of your roof will reduce the overall maintenance cost and will also prevent corrosion and fading, therefore reducing the need for a replacement.


When wet moss can be very heavy, therefore putting extra weight on the roof. This is a potential problem that can be solved by M Bradshaw Window Cleaning Services.


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